Monday, August 23, 2010


It was my 30th Birthday Party yesterday. I just LOVED every second of it. The weather was just gorgeous so we had it down on the beach. We parked our picnic rugs and little tent for the babies on the grass in front of the beach. So many special, lovely people came to celebrate with me. I was so happy to see everyone and so touched so many people made the journey down to see us. Benny ate this whole box of pringles... he just wouldn't share them. They made him go a bit odd and dizzy and he sat down on what was left of the banofee pie...but then that's what parties are for!!
Babes in the tent

Look at the amazing cake my dear, dear friend Helen made for me! What could be more perfect than giant ball of wool on the beach...and it tasted gooooood too!

tiring work!

Bubs with Joshua in the sling

beach play

Benny and his wee buddy were making a great game out of tooting the car horn
It was a really brilliant time. Thank you to all who came and thank you for all the gorgeous gifts (I'll post about them later).

There was time for a quick half game of back gammon before dinner...just to relax!

Although some of us didn't manage to stay awake til then...

Fab. wonderful, brilliant, fun, exciting, great day!


  1. I love your cake. It is so fitting for you. How creative.

    I also am in love with the tender picture of Bubs with your tiniest one in the sling. She looks so delighted.

  2. Isn't the cake just amazing! I was so happy to get it and it is as you say sooo fitting :-)I love seeing how settled Joshua is too. Spreading the mummy-ness around!