Friday, August 13, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...Boys and Girls! Welcome to the magic show with the AMAZING REBE!
For her first trick she will make this coin disappear!... See the coin on her hand...


Taa daa! Gone! Isn't that amazing?!

And for her next trick she will make a dragon appear from nowhere (don't be scared it's too little to breath fire).


Taa daa! Isn't she a wonder, isn't it amazing! What super tricks and magic!

The rose hip and crab apple jam
It is really nice :-)
We cut up the apples and took most of the seeds out of the hips. Just covered them with water and simmered this until the fruit was soft.
We pushed the pulp through a sieve, I then added 1kg of sugar some ground ginger, cloves and allspice. I let this boil skimming off the scum until the plate test showed it would set. This was poured into clean warmed jars. Then we crossed fingers that it would set...which it did. It's delicious on toasted brown soda bread!
Now off to spend the day knitting... birthday things to finish!


  1. Oh Laura, Rebe is just so cute!
    The jam looks fabulous. ..wish I could come for tea!

  2. You're welcome to tea anytime ;-) If only eh?!