Monday, August 9, 2010

getting ready for school

We decided this morning that it was time we started getting organised for Rebe's first day of school on the 1st of September. There is a huge list of things to get and I was feeling fairly intimidated by it all, so I thought it best to make a start so I can relax a bit more about it. New shoes; black for school and pink for play. I wouldn't have chosen the pink only they were in the sale and fitted her the best.
Uniform: pinafores, jumper, socks, shirt and a tie. Rebe was so thrilled with her tie. She insisted on wearing it all the way home. She said to the lady in the shop: ' I'm so happy to have my own tie, I always have to borrow daddy's.'

School books; they look great fun!

While we were in town we went past a little park and noticed that about 5 or 6 of the trees were apple trees and that there was a lot of windfall apples under them. We begged an extra bag from the shoe shop lady and on our way home stopped off and collected these:
I have no idea what kind of apples they are, a mixture of crab apple and eating apples anyway.

Rebe and Benny set about washing them while I nipped over the fence in the back garden to get some blackberries that are growing very abundantly in the field behind the house.

We made some of the apples and the blackberries into a crumble. An old friend text me and asked if she could pop over with her daughter as she was in the area. So we welcomed them and shared the crumble. I have to say it was delicious!! And it was so lovely to catch up, we worked out we hadn't seen each other for nearly 2 years!

Look at this cool tractor track Rebe made for Benny!
Hope you all had fruitful (he he ha ha) days too x.


  1. I remember the excitement of getting all my "new" school year things together. Fun stuff.

  2. Oh gosh- such a cute uniform! And mary janes! She'll look so adorable! <3 Ella would love those pink shoes. :)
    I wish I could've tasted your foraged blackberry-apple crumble. . .yum!