Monday, August 23, 2010

ma peeps

My parents and two younger brothers arrived for my birthday weekend on Friday evening. Benny was bowled over that the funny guy he sees on skype was here! It was so funny. I'm delighting in their company... preparing banofee pie for the party
cornflake crispies
On Saturday after a bit of baking we took a very long walk (well it just took so long because Benny was walking) to the 'owl cafe'...a little cafe in our village that also has an aviary with some beautiful owls and pheasants. There are also great plants and trees and bushes, ripe for exploring and den making!
They also sell delicious ice cream!

Don't Rebe and Bubs look so alike?

To end the evening we had a really gorgeous BBQ, it was so much fun, great view, great food and great company!

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