Thursday, August 19, 2010

a little quiet crafting calm

After the last few days of crazy '5' Birthday Celebrations, yesterday was a welcome change of pace and we had a lovely calm time... Rebe got a copy of this story for her birthday from Bubs. It's one of my favourites from my childhood. It's about a boy who is squashed flat and the adventures he has being 1/2 an inch thick. To accompany the book Bubs also sent Rebe a flat Rebe, for her to colour and then make up her own version of the story... Here they are eating the rest of the rainbow cake.
We had to nip into town to get the last of Rebe's school books. When we got home Rebe, Benny and I sat around the kitchen table for a couple of hours while Joshua slept and there was such a beautiful calm while we were busy working.

Benny threaded some beads, he really enjoyed this and was at it for a good while. He's never done it before, and it's something I'm sure he'll like to do again and again. We have had beads and needles and things around, but they've been for Rebe and have been quite small (and the needle sharp), so I was delighted to come across these chunky wooden beads upstairs while clearing up a cupboard. I sellotaped a thick thread onto a big, blunt needle and away he went.

Rebe painted and stuck stickers and drew, and I worked on a delicious rainbow cardi that is my first knitting commission.

After a while they swapped and Rebe did beads, Benny did painting and then the pair of them worked on cutting and sticking together. Rebe cut out and Benny glued things down. It was so lovely, I just adored that afternoon and am looking forward to many more like it!

Potty training update: Benny is doing a great job, I'm just taking his lead and ask him every morning if he wants nappy or pants or nothing. He's mostly said nothing and is great at using the potty. But yesterday he said pants, so we had a pants day. In total he had about 3 accidents, but other than that he either took them off himself to go on the potty or he asked for help. We did have a crazy moment in the library though: I was breastfeeding Joshua and he came and asked to use his potty so with one hand I had to take off his waterproof overalls, his trousers and pants, find the potty in the depths of the buggy and get it out all before he had an accident...and we did it!!! What a success!
While I was making dinner I had Joshua sitting on the counter in his little seat so that we could chat...

Look at the lovely smiles I was getting while he was cooing away! He's been a little frustrated the past few days because he's trying to suck his thumb/ hand and he just can't get it right. He was doing it in the womb and is looking for it again now and is getting quite cross when he can't get it right.
I'm not sure when I'll next post. My family arrive this evening for a weekend of celebrations for my 30th birthday...I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and I'll try and post soon enough anyway!

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