Monday, August 2, 2010

a wee walk, just me and him

Yesterday Andy took Rebe and Benny out swimming and to do the weekly shop. This meant I had the best part of the day with only Joshua (it was so quiet!). I did a fair bit of knitting and I've finished one half of Rebe's birthday dress. It was also pretty nice weather so Joshua and I went for a wee walk along the beach. It was nice to walk at my own pace and again in quiet...

the wee dots in the water are fishermen fishing for bass

Hope your day was as peaceful as mine! x


  1. I also had a peaceful day yesterday. We got 12 baby chicks Saturday so my 4 month old and I sat admiring them most of the day. The picture of you on your walk is stunning. You look refreshed.

  2. Oh, I can imagine how nice this was for you! Nice quiet time for Mama and Joshua. :)
    You look so fabulous and beautiful, Laura! I would so love your hair- it looks so lush and thick. Mine is so fine!
    Is that a wrap carrier you've got Joshua in?
    I'm getting back into the knitting groove again. It's funny how you have to learn to fit it in differently when you've got a newborn!

  3. Hi Elizabeth, glad you also had a peaceful day! Sounds really sweet!
    Hi Melanie, thanks very much, I seem to be taking a good photo at the moment ;-) My hair is nuts at the mo, it is in such bad condition but I do love how long it has got! The carrier is a storchenwiege wrap. I bought it when I was pregnant with benny and used it until I was too pregnant to carry him. I love it although I am very seriously thinking in investing in an ergo when he is a bit older. I hear great things about it and it will be a bit quicker to get on i think?! What carriers do you use? Any recommendations?

  4. I'm growing my hair back out after a mistake a couple years ago when I chopped it off. . .
    I use the padded shoulder maya wrap ring sling, the moby wrap, and the ergo for big babies. :) I got my ergo with Asa, because he was HUGE and weighed 20 pounds at 4 months. I couldn't carry him for long periods in the sling- but the ergo is FABULOUS for heavy babies, everyone I know who has one loves it! If you're able you should get one!
    We used it with Asa until he was nearly 3- with the front carry when he was small and back carry as a toddler. You could use it with Benny right now on your back.

  5. I think I will get an ergo, I keep coming across them here there and everywhere and it looks like it'll be so handy. Now just to choose the colour...although I'll wait til Joshua is about 4 months. We need to spend our cash on Rebe starting school before then.