Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Rebe asked me for a needle and thread and then disappeared off outside where she made me this: A beautiful calendula necklace, it was so pretty and smelled just divine! The loveliest necklace I ever had and a joy to wear; that gorgeous scent around my neck! Multi-sensory jewelry.
The aftermath of eating jam sandwiches

Joshua is really happy and content recently and is chatting away loads. He's chatting with Andy here.

He's just so handsome and happy (love love love)

Rebe used to do this often but it was Benny's first time today. Easy, cheap and keeps them entertained for ages and ages. Food colouring and water in jars, a bit of oil, a bit of salt, some pipettes, droppers and spoons. Voila, potions!

We ended the day face painting.
We had not one but 2 baths to get them clean afterwards!
It was a good day (we also had new friends come to visit), now after all that I must sit down and do some knitting, I've only 10 days or so left to finish (and start) Rebe's birthday things!


  1. Hi there, I have been reading but not responding for awhile. I just wanted to say that I am inspired by you and I think your family life looks so peaceful and beautiful. Also, your kids are darn cute.

  2. Oh gosh, Joshua is SO cute, and is reminding me of Benny!
    And yes that is the loveliest necklace!

  3. What another Happy Happy day. You are such a fabulous mom and it shows on the faces of your wee ones.

  4. aw thanks! what sweet lovely comments!