Sunday, August 8, 2010

yet another fair day

You can never go to too many summer fair days I think! Today's one was in a nun's retreat called 'Moyross House' near the village of Leap, further west from us. We met our friends there, the weather was glorious and there was the usual assortment of great things to do... A helicopter merry-go-round
Pony rides... Benny had no fear at all, he went without me and was held on by the owner of the pony. He looks so tiny on this pony with his massive riding hat on. But things like this and his courage remind me everyday how much he is growing up and how quickly!

Rebe was in heaven. Her pony was called 'Dream', and she was so proud and excited. 3 euro well spent!

Of course there was tea and cakes...I have currently set myself the target of trying to eat Joshua's weight in cake before the end of August...well you'd think so anyway...

My favourite thing was the music, there was a good mix a choir and some traditional Irish music, but there was also this harp. The lady was just unpacking it when we came across her. She told us that it cost her 12,000 euro, and yet she allowed all the kids to run their fingers over the strings. She said 'It's all the kids want to do when they see a harp, I remember wanting to do it when I first saw one'. She then played 'twinkle, twinkle little star' for them. It was wonderful and during the recital Rebe and Benny both cuddled on friends' knees and were so relaxed. Rebe said 'I fell asleep for a bit there'.

Of course we had to end the day with an ice cream!
Great, day, great weather, great company x

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  1. I am thinking you must live in one of the world's "most fun" places. . .
    Benny was so brave to take a pony ride! Asa won't go near horses- there is a nice man who rides horses past our house and stops at our fence so the kids can see the horses- Asa goes and hides!
    Joshua's weight in cakes! You are so funny! Seriously though, wouldn't it be nice to be able to do that? ;)