Wednesday, March 3, 2010

here in neverland

I finally finished Rebe's new Peter Pan costume. She's so in love with Peter Pan (the real one not the Disney one...I'm such a snob!). She's been dressing as Peter Pan since last Halloween and her costume had gotten and bit worn out. It looked as if she was just wearing ripped up pyjamas to be honest. So I have been making her a new Peter Pan waistcoat and I'm so pleased how it came out and needless to say Rebe loves it!
A close up of the front. I really like twig button, it works quite well.The back Here is Peter having a snack in his den.

This is actually Bubs writing letters (the costume has been on all day).
Whilst Rebe was writing her letters I could hear Benny moaning and grumbling in the hall way, he was obviously frustrated with something. A short time later he appeared wearing Rebe's boots...
Very proud of himself!


  1. What a beautiful outfit. I love the way you included acorns and a ladybird. All the stems and leaves must have taken alot of patience.

    Judging by her smile, I think you may have problems getting Rebe to take it off again.

  2. Thanks Cheryl, It did take a good few evenings sewing. It was worth it though when I see Rebe come flying into the room. Sure what else would I be doing...well apart from tidying up, washing, cleaning...

  3. Oh my goodness, the Peter Pan costume is wonderful!