Monday, March 1, 2010

What a lovely Sunday we had yesterday. A quiet morning with some cooking and knitting and playing in the garden. I knitted up Rebe this Calorimetry (It was actually designed for me but I had made it too own fault for messing around with yarn and needle sizes again). However it fits this little lady perfectly. She was delighted and wore it to school today, and I was happy to know that it was keeping her snuggled and warm.
Of course once we returned from swimming and had had dinner, the kids were in bed I sat down and knitted another one for myself.

So we were matching this morning...sad but warm!

Did you know that cats make great salads?

After dropping Rebe to preschool Benny and I went shopping. I had a nose round the charity shops and this is what I found.. a couple of handkerchiefs. I love the top one, it's so Beatrix Potter; a proper red spotted hankin!

I found this skirt for Rebe. It's hand made and looks like it's never been worn. I always find that so sad when something handmade turns up in charity shops, obviously unappreciated by whomever it was given to. Luckily this little number will have a very sweet little girl to wear it who'll appreciate it and love it.
Andy is at college tonight so I'll have a nice quiet evening crafting. Here's a sneaky of what I'm making. It's nearly finished however it has already been wore as it was found yesterday.
Lastly Benny is talking quite a lot now, his words still sound very funny and mostly still begin with B, D or P. But today in the bath we were brushing teeth with a new toothpaste which was yellow (to Rebe's utter delight) and he quite clearly said 'llello', in that very cool rolly tongue Benny way of saying things.
So Bubs it wasn't pink after all :-)
Right off to thread a needle.

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  1. I made that headband once before too! It came out too big, though. It looks wonderful on the two of you, and inspires me to try it again. :)
    And yes that is a perfect Beatrix Potter pocket handkin! Love it!