Friday, March 5, 2010

a few images of our day

I have finally found something (other than tea) that Benny will have in the mornings..soup. It was another glorious day here so, after school and visiting friends we had more gorgeous outdoor time.
The kids found a way of removing all the pegs from my washing line.

Benny was particularly pleased with himself.

They played with them for ages making towers and pretending they were cars.


When we came in to make dinner Benny astounded me with his jigsaw making. We borrowed a whole load of 2 piece jigsaws from Amy and he's really got the hang of it. It was so funny to watch. He was doing a tiger; he found the first piece and shouted 'di-don, roar' (as in lion), then picked up all the other pieces looking for it's partner and rejecting them with a shake of the head and 'Noi!' when it was the wrong one. He also has a great technique putting them together and knows he must lift one up and wiggle it into place. He's such a dexterous little boy, so good with his hands, I'm sure he's going to make many beautiful things in his life. He started building towers of blocks 4 or 5 high when he was 10 months old. While Rebe is much more of a thinker and a talker.

This is the sweet shop that she made.

So beautiful.
Well we've got a very exciting day, we're going to get Rebe a bike! We debated long and hard about when was a good time to do it. We didn't want to get it at Christmas, as we felt it would over shadow all the things she got made for her and we didn't want to wait til her birthday because she would miss out on having one over the our little bike fund is now sufficient to go and get it and we feel the time and the weather is right, and boy are we excited!

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