Friday, March 26, 2010

what's on our shelves (floor, sink, side of the bath, bed...)

Before I dive into today's post, I just want to show you Rebe's finished tank top. I wanted to make her one because they are so great for this time of year. Their little core's are kept warm and snug yet sleeves can be rolled up for outdoor water, mud and sand play. I knitted it from this pattern . I adapted it to fit Rebe so I knitted it with chunky wool and size 5 1/2 needles. I also added an extra 20 stitches to the pattern and a few extra rows...
It fits her perfectly and the colours are gorgeous on her.

Anyway,I thought I'd do a wee post about what we're reading at the moment. I spend a lot of time reading and the kids do too. It's a very important part of our day and we often begin with stories together and we always end it with a story... So here's what we're reading...


I have been doing a bit more reading about Steiner and his ideas about early childhood and parenting. I do really like some bits of this book and the ideas, such as about protecting the infants senses in the first few weeks. But there are other bits that I think are absolute twaddle. Still that's what reading's about; taking what is useful to you and leaving the rest.

The Memory Garden

This is my 'bath book'. There is nothing I love more in the world than getting into a deep, hot bath with a good book and lazing for an hour. It's an easy read and very enjoyable.



At the moment this is one of Benny's number one favourites. He shouts 'Liddelar' (do it with a sort of japanese accent and you'll be spot on how he says it) when he sees it and will happily read it over and over again. The fisherman in him coming out I suppose!


This is his other favourite (and mine). It was bought for Rebe by Bubs when she was little and she loved it too. If you've never read it I would recommend it. It's beautifully illustrated all the way through with incredible attention to detail. It's set in the UK during the blitz but is completely timeless and there is great rhythm and repetition throughout. All the ingredients for a great read. He takes this into bed every night and reads it to Lambie (more often than not upside down).



I don't know what to say about this... It's just too good for words. I have been waiting since getting pregnant with Rebe in 2004 for her to be old enough to read it to her... in fact I would say I've had children purely to read them this book. It was THE family book for me growing up and I think Rebe is already enjoying it just as much.

No Matter What

This was a present from a dear, dear friend for Benny about a year ago and Rebe came across it again a couple of days ago and we have re-read it again and again. The illustrations are so cute and the idea is really lovely. Basically it's about loving people 'no matter what', and unconditional love is certainly very important even if you are a bear, or a crocodile or a bug!

Of course there are loads more but these are the books of the moment...

What are you reading right now?


  1. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. If you're geeky enough (at least one of us is), you could get into LibraryThing.

  2. Your vest turned out beautifully! So very nice. And we love that Tiddler book around here too. Thanks for the other suggestions too!

  3. I so love how you sum up, so simply and lovely really, that "that's what reading is about, taking what's useful to you and leaving the rest" Love that, it is so true.