Sunday, March 7, 2010

new bike

We got Rebe her first bike yesterday. It was so exciting, and the kids were great shopping, something they don't do often and were so well behaved.
Andy put it together when we got home... with a little help from Benny
Rebe looking proud

First pedal

Letting Benny have a turn

Down to the seafront for a good practice. She got the hang of it straight away and off she went.

She called 'I'm on my bike today' to everyone that passed us. She is so proud.

Barnacle geese we saw

My wee boy is a bit under the weather today, he was up coughing most of the night so he's have a snuggle day, while Rebe is off to the shop with daddy... on her new bike of course!


  1. Oh Rebe looks so happy with her new bike. I hope she has loads of fun.

    You are lucky to have somewhere near for her to practise her riding. We are surrounded by narrow country lanes and maniac drivers.

  2. Yay, a new bike! How fun!
    Our littlest has been up coughing a lot too. I hope Benny feels better soon.
    I love the quilt Benny is wrapped up in- did you make that?

  3. Hi Cheryl, yes we live right near the beach and there is a lovely pavement all the way along. Perfect for learning to ride a bike!
    Chris: Yes she's got a bell, she actually got it at Christmas time. We also put a basket on the front so she can carry Mio or Sally.
    Melanie: Our poor wee boys. Benny is much better today thank goodness, back to trashing the place faster than you can blink! No I didn't maek that quilt. I have a lovely friend who made both of the wee ones a quilt when they were born. It's so cute and has a really gorgeous Peter Rabbit fabric on the other side. How are you feeling? I've developed a really rubbish backache this weekend. Never had one with the other 2, hope it doesn't last!

  4. I've had a backache too- I keep thinking how much longer I have to go, and how much more uncomfortable I will inevitably get!