Wednesday, March 24, 2010

snigger snigger (and making pasties)

We had a lovely staying at home day today. It was a gorgeous, warm spring day so we spent most of it outside.
After cleaning the bathrooms, the kids are actually a good help at this, we had our mid morning snack outside... After lots of play and washing and water play inside and out and face paints and drawing, inside and out, we made pasties for lunch. I had to defrost my 4 inch x 4 inch freezer a few days ago and so I had a few things I needed to use including a portion of beef stew and some puff pastry. So pasties it was... here's how we did it.
Gather together all your ingredients and helpers. Roll out your pastry on trays...

put a few slices of thinly sliced potato on one side of the pastry,

spoon on some softened onions...

spoon on you stew...

We added a couple of spoons of baked beans to this and some thick beef gravy...
Brush a little egg around the sides of your pastie then as carefully as possible fold over and squidge edges to try and make them stick together as much as possible. Brush more egg on top and put in oven (about 180 for about 20 mins or until done).
I was very surprised how well they came out...

The front one was Benny's but still was edible...
We ate them outside and they were delicious!

Poor old Tasha (our Maine Coon) is so neglected of late that she has got massive clumps of matted hair. Andy and I are trying to cut out as much as we can. This afternoon Rebe drew this great picture of Andy cutting the clumps out....

We think it looks like he's holding a massive *snigger snigger snort*.
To my utter delight she draws these accidentally hilarious pictures quite often... here's another one of me cooking, what looks like *snigger, snigger snort*


  1. The cooking picture looks like you're smokin' a J. I thought at first Rebe had drawn a caterpillar with squillions of legs in the other picture. Don't you think Rebe looks a lot like Bubs with her hair up like that and sleeves rolled up?

  2. I do think she's starting to look more and more like Moira, Andy has always seen it. She was pretending to be her the other day, so there is def a very close connection...mind you she was pretending to be you too!

  3. Ah, such cute artwork!!! I love kid art!
    The pasties look delicious, and I would love to try to make some.

  4. Hi Melanie, I was surprised how well the pasties came out. They were quick and simple, let me know how you get on if you do give them a go. I know what you mean about kid art work, I wish I could keep every single picture they've done, but it's just not possible *sigh*