Monday, March 15, 2010

Lucky me!

Today was a lucky (and lovely) day for me because...
  • Although Benny and Rebe woke up early (6.30am) Rebe was happy to take charge and take Benny off downstairs where she got him and herself a yogurt and they played quite happily until I got up at 7am.
  • The sunshine was just glorious and we saw no less than 4 boats go past at breakfast time

Benny got dressed in his new mummy made clothes without a screaming tantrum.

While Rebe was at school Benny and I went to a first birthday tea party of a little girl we know from playgroup. It was lovely and the salmon on brown bread was to die for (as was the cake)!

When I got home the postie had been and I got a surprise mother's day parcel from my dearest mummy. Including a couple of compilation tapes from my daddy, which I love!

I also got an envelope from an old school friend, who on moving house, came across these old paintings of mine from when I was about 16! How cool is that, and so sweet that he'd kept them and then went to bother of sending them on to me!

I also got this pile of really interesting looking books from another friend. I have been novel-less for a good few weeks now and miss having a long bath with a good book...guess what I'm doing tonight.

Then in the afternoon Benny went to bed and a dear little friend of Rebe's came to play and I got to sit for nearly 3 hours knitting while they played/ slept happily.
I got to have a cuppa with her mummy, whom I like an awful lot.
And then the kids got their bedtime stories read to them via skype by Bubs, something that we all find so special!
Now I've got an evening of knitting then bath ahead.
Blissful day!

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