Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh so quiet

We had such a lovely, calm day today. It made such a welcome change. It could have been very different as we verged on some pretty big tantrums in the morning (and that was me not the kids ;-)), but we avoided them. Playgroup was lovely, as usual. After lunch the weather was so glorious we went outside. It truly feels as if spring is here. The kids washed some of their little teddies in bowls outside
Then we hung them on the line to dry.

Benny got a tiny splinter in his finger, which we can't get out with a pin, so we put some drawing ointment on it and a plaster (which he is showing me here). A plaster is big news in this house.

Aside from that I did a load of knitting (even if I did have to get up every half row to get someone a snack or wipe a nose). But the kids played really well together all afternoon and it was so lovely and peaceful here.
Fingers crossed the calm continues

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