Saturday, March 27, 2010

a walk in the woods

After the usual drudgery of the weekly shop (god how I hate it), it was such a gorgeous afternoon the kids and I decided to pop over to the woods (that are just behind our house) for a few hours play. Rebe decided to be a spring detective and look for signs of spring. Here she is with her detective equipment; a magnifying glass, a nature notebook and a pencil.
She's sitting on her turtle rock (I posted about this before) jotting down her notes of the evidence of spring found.

This is definite evidence, so was the bird song so sweet all around us. As was the delicious smell of wild garlic and earth.

This is my favourite tree ever. We call it the gnome house, you can see all the little holes at the base. Gnomes definitely live here...

Rebe even saw one and here is the proof in her nature book...

Benny, he looks like a king on his throne surveying his kingdom.

Not quite so regal here: caught in the act eating a piece of moss.

They made a nest with twigs and moss and leaves.

It got fairly big, not sure what kind of bird will lay their eggs in it, maybe the roly poly bird?

A gorilla.

Two gorillas.


We've not had one for ages...

I love seeing these rainbows over our wee bay. It is just so beautiful here!

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