Sunday, March 14, 2010

reuse, remake, re-imagine

Yesterday we... re-imagined the downstairs loo as a den (love the books pegged to the sink).
Re-imagined a stick, string and seaweed into a fishing rod


I re-made these old, unused maternity trousers into...

these overalls (they are too big and believe me were much bigger...I made up the pattern and erred a bit to much on the roomy size. Still he'll have plenty of room to grow into them...should he put on 8 or 9 stone)

They are good for putting things down though.

These trousers, again I made up the pattern and am pretty pleased how they came out. Only thing is I should theoretically iron them....Nah!

Although this wasn't re anything I did also finish Benny's vest. Another made up pattern. It is his special, Lambie, on the front with button eyes. He's delighted with it anyway.
Yet another comedy picture of Benny wearing someone else's boots. I promise I'll stop posting these (well as soon as it stops being funny).

Hope you are all having a lovely spring sunshine filled weekend.


  1. Benny is just a very empathetic little boy: he's always ready to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

  2. I love all the things you made and did! The overalls are so adorable!