Thursday, March 18, 2010

a making day

We missed playgroup today as we had to wait in for a plumber that never came (grrrr!) but we still had a lovely day and ended up making a great deal...
We made playdough in the morning. Rebe chose orange (specially for Mio) and Benny got blue chosen for him.
It was fun making it, even though Benny ate a spoonful of salt and had to rinse his mouth with apple juice, something I don't think he was altogether unhappy about. And it was great fun to play with. Rebe made a really cool life boat with hers complete with Lifeboat people (it's one if her ambitions to be a 'lifeboat girl', that and an artist).

Another pair of soakers. I'm much happier with how these came out, I have mastered a few things better this time like Kitchener graft and magic loop knitting.

I also knitted an insert for the last pair of soakers. My poor attempt at Kitchener here, made it a bit leaky...something we can't really afford in the war against wet (a war I'm loosing badly at the moment).

During quiet time Rebe made this butterfly...

She spotted it in one of my craft books and knew that we had a spare loo roll so she made this with very little help.

She also made this Easter egg garland. These two things have replaced our winter fairies. Spring is truly here.
Talking of which, I have a few little things planned for the equinox on Saturday. While Rebe was busy making I made this little bud baby. I plan to give it to her on Saturday, hopefully inside one of the eggs we wet felted the other day. I'll make Benny a little one too, although his will probably be a bit simpler as it'll only get lost or severely tasted.
And to end....

This is Rebe's idea of a convincing fox costume (?)

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