Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sunshine and funshine

We had a really nice day today. It was our only 'at home' day this week and it was lovely. We did some house work in the morning. Rebe is getting to be really helpful...Benny on the other hand...
Anyway after that we got the bikes out and went to the shop. The March sunshine was gorgeous and warm, the village looked stunning and everywhere were signs of spring, from lots of animal footprints in the sand to buds on the trees. Bread on yer bike
A quiet (and not so tidy) read when we got home.
I tried to put Benny down for his nap this afternoon so Rebe and I could have some quiet crafting time. We felted some eggs, I have a wee plan for them that I'll post more about another day. Needless to say Benny didn't nap and ended up joining in.
Rebe finds a good technique of wet felting is to have as much if not more soapy water on the table than in the bowl.
After that (and a change of clothes) the kids went out while I did some work in the kitchen.
I spotted them out of the window raiding my pegs again (note Benny's choice of foot attire, Rebe's pink wellies)

This is Benny's pig farm. No that's not a type error, he has mistaken 'pegs' for 'pigs'. He came into me with one of the pegs snorting and saying 'pig pig'. I suppose it must be my accent or something. Can you imagine hanging out your washing with pigs!

Here's the little peg farmer.

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