Monday, March 22, 2010

Our First Family Fishing Trip of 2010

Yesterday was so gorgeous Andy suggested we all go fishing together in the afternoon. Waiting to go (how brilliant would it have been to get a picture of Rebe fishing in a cat suit...sadly it would've been wrecked so she just had normal clothes)

Waiting for daddy to get everything ready we made sandcastles...
played a hammering game with a stick and some stones...

made sand angels.

Rebe and Andy casting her little rod.
Andy had given both of the kids an old, small rod to use each. Rebe's had bait and hooks, but Benny's only had a reel with no line so he could pretend...

Which is lucky because he was determined to catch these two swans... I think they had a lucky escape!

waiting for a bite

time for a hot cross bun to revive us.

Finally a fish (well, technically, it was a stone) but Benny was delighted with his catch.
It was great fun and we were all starving and tired when we got home. We'll definitely be doing it again.

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