Friday, March 12, 2010

wonderful thursday and busy friday

This is a pretty picture heavy post because I didn't get a chance to write yesterday so am cramming 2 days worth into one post.
On Thursday we had this kind of day... blowing bubbles
making dens...both of them were in there, unfortunately that is my food cupboard so I found lots of things nibbled at.

having lunch in an under-the-table den

finding fairy wings.
Rebe was very concerned when she found this (I think it's a dried hydrangea leaf). She was convinced that a fairy had caught her wing on a bramble (of which we have many at the bottom of our garden) and it had come off.

So she put it in an envelope, addressed it...

And pegged it (with a pig) to the fence for the fairy to find.

She did and this is the little thank you note and bracelet that the fairy left for her.

Thursday was also a day for... face painting, Rebe was a friendly sea monster. I love how she has made her face up symmetrically.

Everyone knows sea monsters (well friendly ones anyway) have purple necks and green ears.

Benny made this picture with the tacks all himself. I was surprised how well he managed to put the tiny pins through the very tiny holes. It's very fiddly for me let alone pudgy toddler fingers.
All of this was after playgroup. Needless to say they both fell into bed.
Friday (today) I had to take Benny to the city for an appointment with the paediatric orthopaedic consultant. It was at 9am so we had to leave just after 7am YAWN! The appointment went fine, they gave him another xray which I wasn't expecting and was tough for him cause I couldn't go with him (due to bump). I got a bit emotional about it too, I could hear him crying in the room and I felt awful, but it was done and over with and we got out of there. He is fine, needs to go back into straight last boots, but we are getting the funding for them this time.
As we were in the city I made a couple of stops to pick up some sewing things I need for this weekend...

And some yarn, well because I needed it. The large ball of chunky is for a vest for either Rebe or Benny and the Manos and other rainbow type is for the new baby. The colours are so gorgeous, they just didn't come out here.

We were very glad to get home. Andy and Rebe had had a lovely day together bike riding and walking in the woods. The brought me back this lovely willow.
Rebe and Benny made this great set up while I was washing up after dinner.

It was so cool I just had to take a picture of it, there's a train track, airport, car park and car ferry (not in the picture). Not sure what all the marbles were in aid of but it was great...apart from the tidying up...

Finally I just want to share that my little brother got a job today. Well done dude, am so proud of you and so very happy for you (even if, on a selfish note, I will miss out on my Chris fix this Easter). Big hugs x x


  1. The fairy thing is so sweet! Benny needs "special shoes"? I didn't know that. Thanks for the props. A-rizpect!

  2. What a full day- your children are so full of imagination!
    I love that the fairies left Rebe a note- they fairies come visit our children too. :)
    I love the yarn you bought- especially the rainbow colors and I can't wait to see what you make with it!

  3. chris: Benny's first shoes were 'special' ones, bleeding things cost 7o quid too. When he needed new ones Moira treated us and we decided as long as they were strong and supportive they would be fine...but no, back into the straight last ones and off with his gorgeous red boots, sob sob. Still we can keep them for the next dude.
    Melanie: Rebe loves the whole fairy world, I really like too that, it's one of those really special parts of childhood. I can't wait to get knitting with the yarn. I've been itching to start today but have held back trying to finish a few other projects..but I think I'll probably give in tomorrow :-)

  4. That fairy story is so sweet! I love that facepaint too!